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The Bolivia Project (1964-1967), at the request of the U.S. Peace Corps, the Research Institute for the Study of Man (RISM) in New York initiated a three-year epidemiological and ethnographic research project in Bolivia.

The objective of this section is to create a comprehensive data bank concerning the diverse aspects of the ganja phenomenon in Jamaica. Specifically, the efforts of the National Commission on Ganja in Jamaica, as well as [...]

Anthropological Perspectives on Disaster. Explorations of social, cultural, economic and political dimensions of natural and/or technological environmental disasters and appropriate methods and theories for such study.

Resources for the anthropological study of the non-Hispanic Caribbean. Extensive bibliographic and textual coverage for those interested in the region. Videos, lectures, and PDFs available.

Canada, First Nations and The Marshall Decision. Explorations of intended and unintended social, cultural, economic and political activities related to the resolution of long-term conflicts and tensions of ethnic, racial or [...]

Smith was both superlative theorist and extraordinary field worker. His personal field research in Africa and the West Indies, always impeccably planned and thoroughly executed, stretched over half a century.

About the Ganja in Jamaica Project

The Ganja in Jamaica Project (1970-1972), a multidisciplinary investigation of the effects of chronic cannabis smoking directed by Vera Rubin and Lambros Comitas, was supported by the National Institute of Mental Health and carried out by the Research Institute for the Study of Man in collaboration with the University of the West Indies. Its final report first published in 1975 as Ganja in Jamaica: A medical anthropological study of chronic marihuana use was widely discussed and acclaimed in the United States and abroad. Its findings were emphatically displayed in the key report of the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Use (2001). In years that followed, a substantial number of dissertations, books and scientific articles have been written by the anthropologists on the Project staff, work directly or indirectly related to their research on cannabis use with the Project. Much of this material (from 1975 to 2002) is available by accessing the Ganja in Jamaica Project page.



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